Hello! Welcome to my blog where you‘ll find mostly recipes and tips for a healthy lifestyle. 

This blog is my way of documenting and sharing many of the things I’ve learned along the way of adopting a healthy lifestyle.


It actually started out because I wanted to share with my sister - who lives in Abuja, thousands of miles away - healthy recipes she could integrate into her daily routine. Whenever she wanted to remake them, she’d often have to scroll through hundreds of chats just to get to a recipe we exchanged weeks ago. Some were here and some were there. So I decided to try making them much easier to access; hence this blog.

Five years ago, I used to eat absolutely anything and everything. Lots of it. Lots of cookies, soda, candies, pizza and ice cream. In boarding school, I would trade my regular meal for junk food instead. In university, I rarely had a vegetable in my fridge. But things changed drastically as the years rolled by. While suffering from several health problems - anemia, fatigue, underweight, poor concentration - I was inspired to discover an alternative way of nourishing my body. 

It’s been five years since that major turning point and this has genuinely been the best decision of my life. Not only for my body but definitely also as an enrichment to my mind and soul. Hardly a day goes by without a smoothie. Above all, I find that this way of living and eating gives me more energy to do the things I love doing.

I’m still learning of course, and I don’t see my self as the expert. It’s little tips and tricks, lessons about new ingredients, quick recipes here and there, ideas that help to make life easier and exciting. Mostly very personal, sometimes imperfect. Please remember that this way of eating is not a diet. Diets are designed to be restricting and limiting. Here, I try to promote a more sustainable lifestyle which should be fun and all encompassing. Let’s eat!

Aureen x